11) Korean Wedding!

One of my nine co-teachers celebrated her wedding last Sunday. I didn’t take many pictures because it seemed as though no one else had cameras out. While at the wedding I made a mental list of what I found to be interesting or different from American weddings:

1) The groom helps the bride pick out her wedding dress.

2) The couple has their wedding pictures taken before the actual day; they had their professional pictures on display. (This would take out a lot of the craziness that I’ve observed at American weddings)

3) The groom greets everyone coming into the building while the bride sits in the center of a room so people can say hello and take pictures with her. This was awesome; I love this.

4) Hotel weddings are the most popular rather than churches. The entire ceremony lasts 30 minutes; the remaining two and a half hours are for eating. There is no dancing and weddings are most popular in the day time.

5) Giving money for a wedding is customary but not with cards. Apparently cards are only for funerals.

Pictures throughout their relationship and their wedding pictures.

If you don’t give money as a gift, you can give flowers to the couple. (Reminds me of funerals more than something I would see at a wedding.)

Or you can give rice because it is Korea after all.


The mothers of the bride and groom walk down the aisle then bow to each other before the bride walks down the aisle.

The couple read something together, I’m assuming maybe it was vows.

While everyone goes to get food, the photographer calls up groups of people to take pictures with the couple.

Click the links below to see :15 videos from the day
Her entire homeroom class attended the wedding. They sang and performed a song before giving her roses.

The groom also performed a song and dance with four of his friends but I told that was not traditional.

I am really happy I was invited to attend. It was interesting to see how other cultures celebrate (also the food was really, really delicious).