13) Horseback riding 2.0 & other adventures

Three weeks ago I went horseback riding with co-workers and to church with a student and his family. This weekend was exactly the same.

Friday: Relaxed.
Saturday: Went horseback riding and to lunch. We went to a beef soup restaurant where they slaughter the cows in a building behind the restaurant. I made plans to swim laps at the stadium pool with a co-worker next weekend.
Sunday: I went to church from 11-3 with the student and his family; we had lunch and dessert in the middle. Since I don’t feel a connection to the religion I told the student I would not be back in November but maybe some time in December. As I was saying good bye, the family brought me to a nearby hotel to buy me cake. I asked for a slice of red velvet and the dad said no. He then purchased me an entire jelly roll cake instead. The politeness in Korea continues to surprise me.

Later that night, I went to a bar for Mexican food but it was way too hectic. It happens again next month so hopefully I’ll get a burrito then.




Jeju is famous for their tangerines. I call them clementines.

The little outfit on this dog is too cute.

Landscape pictures are pretty.
2014-10-18 12.40.44_resized

The beef soup.


The student gave me snacks for church; sausage and a chocolate/marshmallow bar.

Lunch at church; nomnomnom.

We went out for dessert before the next session of church. Honey bread is really popular in Korea, he chose one with chocolate on top.

The jelly roll cake they bought me.