19) School Festival & Elementary English Camp

School Festival: In my last post I uploaded pictures of my second placement’s school festival. The last week of classes for my main high school ended with this festival.

English Camp: These few pictures are from my first (of three) Winter English Camp at an elementary school. Every teacher in EPIK is required to complete at least one camp during their vacation. We’re paid a little extra so it’s a nice perk. Parents who want their children to practice their English during their school vacation often send them to these camps. All elementary schools offer a camp.

Aewol High School Festival:


These items are made completely from paper! The student who I ride the morning bus with was in this room so I decided to visit her.

She was serving little snacks and tea. I love school festivals because I love food.

My favorite part of the day was making an ocarina. It will be heated and painted then returned to me in one month.

Mike loves to play Zelda so I told him this is a gift for Christmas. In the game, Link has an ocarina so I thought this would be pretty awesome.

Elementary Camp
The door to my classroom!




We were given snacks each day. This was the cutest Pikachu cookie.


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