25) Random Pictures to share

This post lacks a theme. These are some pictures I’ve taken during the last two months.

I bought a mini apple pie which was AWESOME.

This burger was massive so I decided to take a picture.

I never understand the sculptures in Korea.

I finally received a nametag for my desk at one of the schools. They were so close to spelling my last name correctly.

These last pictures are from a rooftop near my apartment. So here is Shin Jeju (my part of Jeju) in all of it’s glory.





4 thoughts on “25) Random Pictures to share

  1. Question : was there another Scupture with kids standings about 20 feet behind this sculpture?? I bet there where. The sculpture in your pic shows these kids playing a game called Buck Buck (also called Johnny on the Pony)! I loved playing Buck Buck as a kid! It was well known in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and The Bronx. Not so much in Nassau and Suffolk.

    Go on line and check it out.

    Object of the game is for team one (the pony) not to collapse after each member of the team to yell out Buck Buck number 1 and than runs that member runs full speed at the other team and hurls themselves at full speed into the air to come crashing down straddling the back(s) of the kids bent over!
    If the Pony collapse team to wins. If the Pony remains in the pony in position with all the members of team 2 in their backs than they win!
    I loved playing Buck Buck!


    1. That must be what it is, there were several sculptures in this area. One depicted kids playing Jacks and there was another game I didn’t recognize. I Googled buck buck buck, it looks exactly the same. That game sounds like a quick way to injure someone lol! Thanks for the info 🙂


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