6) What Goes on at Jeju


20140908_134329_resized_1 The Lotte Hotel is next to the MonkeyBeach bar in the Southern City. It’s the nicest hotel I’ve seen so far.
20140908_135220_Richtone(HDR)_resized_1 I love a good photo opportunity; leading to the beach behind the Lotte Hotel
20140908_134948_Richtone(HDR)_resized_1 Going onto the beach behind the hotel 


This is the Northern City group hanging out in the City Hall District (bars and restaurants about ten minutes from my apartment)

The waterslide at MonkeyBeach in Seogwipo.
The ball pit that leads to the water slide.
If you arrive early enough you get glow stick bunny ears and free buckets of alcohol.
Kat also sporting the bunny ears.
They have jump rope big enough for four or five coordinated people. It was not great jumping rope after twisting my ankle the weekend before on Mount Halla but it had to be done. (Can you see the guys on the tables spinning the rope?)
A small library/game room at MonkeyBeach.
It also has an arcade with Dance Dance Revolution (not pictured)
and MonkeyBeach has a norebang (karaoke) room.
Hiking Mount Halla
I hiked with seven people, two were co-workers. I didn’t understand the need for those walking sticks until I tripped and twisted my ankle.
After my injury (within the first mile of the 12 mile hike, someone let me borrow their walking sticks)
Success at the six mile mark (half of Mount Halla).
Our rest area.
The man on the right (Mr. Che) is the co-worker who invited me to the hike. My face looks uncomfortable after realizing that we were going down the same way we went up and I still had six more miles to hike before being done. We hiked from 8:30-1:00, I barely spoke during our trip as they don’t speak English but it was a decent enough experience that I’ll be going back to hike with them this weekend (9/28) after a two week break.


Live Music
The only music I have seen so far is a band South Carnival. They are a ska band that sing in the traditional Jeju dialect. Jeju Island speaks differently from the mainland but as time passes the dialect becomes less and less popular.

20140913_201957_LLS_resized20140913_205905_LLS_resized10572116_10152266253186073_8936602786218876792_oWe were excited to get a picture with one of the guys, there were two cameras so we are not looking at the same one.