2) EPIK Orientation

EPIK stands for: English Program Orientation. I attended a nine day orientation in Jonjue, South Korea prior to moving to Jeju Island.

10672377_10152709578809813_222044962848988620_n Most days were filled with classes

10343016_10152709577594813_6578361859939600754_n where we played games,

10603443_10152709586419813_3850755526243788654_n and met people moving to our region.

10599388_10152709577979813_7294406422493214415_n We played more games (I kept score),

10599394_10152709581499813_6765342131337626796_n we played the Korean version of hackey sack,

10590437_10152709578274813_4251372161918371746_n and made traditional fans.

10665850_10152709578654813_4421796434458154288_n We went on a field trip with our orientation leaders,

20140823_101711_Richtone(HDR)_resized saw some nice scenery,

20140823_102758_resized and some more scenery.

20140823_105629_Richtone(HDR)_resized We ate a lot of ice cream in Jonjue while taking pictures of our food

20140823_100246_Richtone(HDR)_resized and I always love a good opportunity for a picture


or two.

20140823_204741_LLS_resized (1) Then at night we sang..

20140823_204159_LLS_resized and sang.

10603517_10152709582114813_8546503910385175020_n Before leaving orientation we practiced our taekwondo..

2014-08-20 14.53.57 but were no where near as good as the performers.

10649484_10152706936034813_1448173040245811842_n Then on the ninth day we said good bye to Eric and Lina as we departed for Jeju Island.