3) Arrival on Jeju Island

After the nine day orientation, the Jeju Island group left for the airport at 8am in the morning to fly out at 1pm. When we were waiting to check in there was an opera singer, orchestra, and interpretive dancer  (link opens a new tab; press play on the video ~:45) as entertainment.

10690176_10204885163071781_148866947758411480_n Waiting for our flight in the airport.

10660355_10152706936149813_2034262416037036077_n The Jeju group.

10451021_10152706935014813_3494803964202654299_n My seat mates Jamie and Eric.

10624934_10152706936154813_2405118617303916198_n As we were landing everyone looked out the window.

909_201110231549_34_Dolharubang_near_the_airport_in_Jeju_Island_Jorge_Sanchez_ We arrived safe and sound!

Once we were on the ground we went to the Immigration Office to apply for our Alien Registration Card. We were dropped off at our apartments at 7pm. Some of us (myself included) had to teach the following day so we piled into an cafe with wifi to start planning our lessons.