4) Dinosaurs and Pottery

A few days before this field trip happened, I had two co-workers standing by my desk speaking in Korean for three minutes before speaking to me. It has become quite normal to ignore the conversations around me although knowing they are speaking about me or trying to speak to me. Turns out they were trying to figure out how to tell me that this field trip was happening. Our conversation went as followed:
Co-worker: “No class Monday.”
Me: (All smiles) “Okay.”
“You make pottery.”
“You. You students make pottery.”

So that was it. On the field trip day we had six Greyhound style busses going to what I assumed would be a building for pottery. When we arrived the first thing I saw was the dinosaur museum. After walking through the exhibits and outdoor area we were moved to the pottery “making” part of the field trip… We painted mugs. I did not get to keep my mug. Luckily I did take pictures because I had a feeling I would not get my mug back.

20140915_100631_resized One of my nine co-teachers Ms. Han. Our first lost in translation moment occurred when she offered to take me home from work. I thought she meant by car; she meant by bus. We became lost in the pouring rain but after walking for ninety minutes I made it home.


20140915_104520_resized T-rex making pottery

1410765782597_resized Me making pottery (it was more like Ghost where the guy put his hands on mine to make the plate. I was the only person told to make real pottery)

20140915_113503_resized_1 My Lotus mug!

20140915_113457_resized_1 Lotus lyrics: “If you came to the jam with some sun in your hands, hold it high in the sky and let it shine for the land”



20140915_103801_resizedThey also had a petting zoo. I really did not understand this place.